Snippets from the interweb (1st May 2022)

You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you

This one isn’t about you, not really. But you kind of know it is.

How to get better sermons

It’s not entirely down to your pastor. There are things we can all do to help us get better sermons. This one thinks about some of those things.

Is faithful discipleship spontaneous or structured?

This is a helpful one on the differences between spontaneous and structured discipleship and why both are needed in the church.

10 ways bad leaders look good on the surface

‘Today, I write about church leaders I’ve known who were strong leaders on one hand, but poor leaders on the other. Here are some of their good and bad characteristics.’

In praise of the boring, uncool church

This is something we have been saying for a while. Coolness is bit the goal, faithfulness is.

Planter speed up – the core team isn’t coming

There may well be some wisdom in slowing down and taking your time when planting a church in some contexts. But in others, that will mean no church ever gets planted. Dave Williams speaks into one such context and encourages us to just get on with planting.

From the archive: Value your ministry Wijnaldums

‘There are folks who faithfully turn up to stuff, who chat with visitors, who serve in areas nobody notices and who just do little things that will never be seen. These are not exactly the meat and potatoes of ministry – the things without which ministry can’t happen at all – but without these people doing the things they do, a lot of stuff would either stop altogether or end up being that much less good. These are your ministry Georginio Wijnaldums.’