Snippets from the interweb (27 March 2022)

Why I’m still a complementarian

Dave Williams makes the case for keeping the term complementarianism despite some of the u helpful things that may have grown up around it in some quarters.

Life, the universe and… more glory

I really liked this one that focuses on the difficulties of translating the Bible when Greek has multiple words and we only have one as well as the Greek having one word that might change meaning in context.

Consider the small church

‘You should consider looking for a small church. Not that there aren’t big churches with godly leadership. There are. I know some. There are also tons of small churches with proud pastors. I know some (I often am one!). But the problem is this: if you can’t get close enough to the pastor to see that, you will never know if they are humble or arrogant.’

6 wrong ways to approach difficult bible passages

There are all sorts of things we might do when we come across harder parts of the Bible. Here are six things we ought to avoid.

May we pray to the Holy Spirit?

Guy Davies reckons we can (and so do I).

Unredacted Jesus

‘When you read through the gospels it’s amazing how often people want to redact Jesus. People want to edit what he says.’

From the archive: If denying the resurrection isn’t a red line, are there any at all?

‘Here is the question: what does it mean to be faithful? What does faithfulness demand of us in relation to our denominational allegiances? Is it faithful to simply keep one’s head down and do nothing until we are pushed? If open gospel gospel denial through heresy isn’t a red line worthy of leaving, why should lesser issues of adopting wider-cultural views on progressive values any more represent a red line?’