Snippets from the interweb (13th February 2022)

A command we so easily miss

Al Gooderham looks at a command of Jesus that we can quickly skip over, but we shouldn’t.

I was a foreigner, and you did not welcome me in: the challenge of the nationality and borders bill

This one from CMF details some of the problems behind this bill and the impact on healthcare it is likely to have for asylum seekers.

The “priestly caste” of America’s artistic elites

Carl Trueman is usually worth a read. I think there is something of this floating around the joke made by Jimmy Carr on the holocaust too. There is very much a ‘one of us’ approach that means some may have more leniency than others.

4 members who tear down the church

I think most of us will recognise these. If we recognise them in ourselves, we really ought to stop.

Redemptive force

This was a helpful one on letting the text drive our sermons, not artificially producing a gospel message but ensuring the gospel is always in our sermons nonetheless.

5 ways to encourage your pastor

I can guarantee there are pastors out there who need this today. Maybe do one or two of these things for them.

From the archive: Don’t confuse important things for the chief thing and act like it’s the only thing

‘You name it, we can make it the main thing and order everything within the church around it. None of those examples I gave above are bad things of themselves. All good churches do want to reach the lost. All good churches do want to love their members. All good churches do want to rightly handle the Word. These are all good things. The problem comes when we make a priority of the church the only priority of the church, and they all stem from our ecclesiology: what is the church and what is the church to do?’