Snippets from the interweb (16th January 2022)

Greedy for gain

‘Abusive, narcissistic leaders in the church seem to have this in common: they are greedy for gain. Not just gain over people’s lives, or gaining control over a church, or ever gaining a platform. But good old fashioned greedy for financial gain. It’s such a common theme among those abusive leaders I have witnessed, and also heard about, that the pattern is clear.’

Four ways the church can welcome kids with special needs

The same day as we published a guest post on this issue, Tim Challies shared this article on the same theme. If you want to help welcome those with special needs, this one is helpful.

What mission isn’t

‘I have constantly argued that we should not define mission in terms of the things that we do. In other words, we can’t simply say that some things are mission while other things are not. I define mission in terms of God’s purposes and activities, not in terms of our actions.’

Towards a theology of depression

‘I wanted to highlight the theological foundations that we might need in place for any conversation about depression and its affects on those in ministry.  So, what are some of the things we should include here?’

5 questions about deacons

This was particularly helpful: ‘Show me a church with distracted pastors and a derailed mission, and I will show you a church without effective deacons.’

Will few be saved?

This is one view on how we understand the passages in which Jesus claims few will be saved and others in the New Testament speaking to a Great Multitude being saved.

From the archive: Salvation by way of everything you would rather avoid

‘I suspect if you were to ask the average Evangelical – particularly those who hold to the kind of Reformed soteriology I and my ilk do – they would offer you a relatively straightforward pathway they would expect in the story of somebody coming to faith. We can sometimes try to set up our formula and engage in some furious hand-wringing when people appear not to tread the path we have concocted for them.’