Snippets from the interweb (19th December 2021)

Issues with my tribe

Eddie Arthur looks at two criticisms of Independent Churches and makes some observations.

Are there differences between Christ’s humanity and ours?

There is one important distinction.

Driscoll, Schaeffer and Packer on the size of your church and the idolatry of your heart

This one is instructive.

Omnirationality and divine providence

Why does God do what he does? Why does God allow the things to happen that do? Somewhere in that answer, his omnirationality features.

Have we misunderstood Romans 13 – do we really have to obey the authorities?

I suspect if you’re not looking for get outs on what the plain reading of scripture happens to be, you’ll probably agree with this one.

Why does Mark tell us about John’s dress and diet?

‘Mark tells the story of Jesus in a little over 11,000 words. That’s 7-8000 less words than Matthew and Luke. He is concise, intentional, and action-packed. This begs the question, why stop and tell us about the clothing and diet of John the Baptist?’ Fair question.

From the archive: Make your membership count for something

‘It may seem perverse but since we made membership a more stringent affair, we have found it has done nothing but increase the desire of people to join. We have grown more since we determined (because we see it in scripture) that baptism brings one into membership which confers the right to join in communion and serve in the church. It can hardly be surprising that if there is no discernable difference between members and non-members, few people will see the point of becoming members at all.’