Snippets from the interweb (17th October 2021)

10 reasons to consider asking your predecessor to stay involved

I did this and do not regret it at all. I am so grateful my predecessor stayed around. This follow up on when not to ask your predecessor to stick around is a helpful foil.

Missionary accountability

‘We tend to think of missionaries as people who go and make disciples, but first and foremost they need to be disciples themselves. All of us need encouragement and challenge from the body of Christ and specifically, we need to committed to a community which will help us grow and mature. Missionaries are typically members of a number of different types of communities, so who is responsible (or who should be) for helping them to grow as believers?’

You can’t improve on this definition of “Worldliness”

You probably won’t find a better one.

Why people love dead Jews

‘It’s easier to love a Jewish girl who can no longer express her potentially uncomfortable conclusions about her own life than it is to tolerate her annoyingly living co-religionists. In 2018, the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam, located at the site of the house where she hid with her family, wouldn’t let a Jewish employee wear a kippah, explaining that this violated the museum’s “neutrality”. The directors changed their mind only after four months of deliberations, Horn observes, “which seems like a rather long time for the Anne Frank House to ponder whether it was a good idea to force a Jew into hiding.”’

Of all men, Christian men should be the greatest advocates for women

Could not agree more with this one.

What is “the Name”?

I like articles that challenge my position. I particularly liked the emphasis on normally using the three-fold name of God. Nevertheless, I find it odd to think that God would give us his personal name and then not expect us to use it.

From the archive: Like it or not, perception matters and it is often formed by experience

‘We can decry those presumptions and insist on their wrongness all we like (hopefully rightly) but we have to accept that people’s perception of what we are and what we’re like matters otherwise we’ll never get an opportunity to share the gospel with them – they’ll be off before their presumptions can prove true.’