Snippets from the interweb (10th October 2021)

On Owen Strachan, William Lane Craig, and the Historical Adam

This was helpful. Gavin Ortlund speaks about William Lane Craig’s book on the historical Adam and addresses some comments on it by Owen Strachan.

Won’t doing ministry among the poor put my children in harm’s way?

We hear this a lot. Here is the bottom line: ‘Church planting might actually cost us something. That something might even turn out to be everything. It might turn out to be every sacred cow we hold dear in our middle-class, educationally-driven, child-centred, play-it-safe, let’s-cover-all-the-angles-before-we-step-out, Christian culture.’

Are we the baddies?

‘We can bemoan the loss of Christian values all we like, but this is where we are today and things don’t look like changing. For a growing proportion of our society, we are the baddies.’

Why domestic abuse is so very evil

Tim Challies: ‘Physical and spiritual capacities meant to be used to love and build up are used instead to harm and tear down. Thus abuse is identified in two different directions: in the manipulative intent and behavioral forcefulness of the one in a position of influence, and in the diminishing effect on those under his influence. With that in mind, here are five ways in which abuse does particular damage and brings about grievous harm.’

Leadership savvy doesn’t make a pastor

‘Pastors will always carry leadership responsibilities. I’m not against the idea of leadership. We can’t escape the organizational necessities of worship and ministry, nor should we try. But we don’t become better pastors simply by becoming better leaders. Pastoral work isn’t a mere subset of leadership development. We’re called to something far more than influence and technique.’

Three things bible school didn’t teach me

‘I am thankful for the many lessons I learnt in theological schools. I gained valuable tools for ministry. However, the classroom and textbooks have their limitations. There are some things you can only learn while doing life with others in the context of the local church.’

From the archive: Don’t hit people with the old switcheroo

‘There are obviously great things to proclaim in the gospel. There are great truths to grasp hold of and believe. But we don’t do anybody any favours if we hit them with a salesman pitch and then give them the old switcheroo.’