Snippets from the interweb (26th September 2021)

Death on a Wednesday: John Shelby Spong and Norm MacDonald

I really liked this comparator between the words of Spong and MacDonald, both of whom recently died.

Why we should all be using print Bibles

I wouldn’t want to be overly dogmatic about it, but as I have previously commented here, I do think there is a lot to be said for this.

Three questions for evangelism

This one is excellent. Simple, insightful, easy to do and I agree with it entirely.

Facing up to false teachers and wild beasts

This one looks at some of the writing of Ignatius of Antioch and his concerns for the church in Smyrna, drawing some conclusions about false teachers we might face in the church today.

Foundations of connection

Al Gooderham responds to Nay Dawson’s article here that kicked off a really interesting discussion. You can read my contribution here.

Is celibacy cruel?

‘A Christian leader recently said to me that believing singleness is the only godly alternative to heterosexual marriage was “dooming people to live a life without love.” I’m sure there are many elegant and insightful responses, but what came to mind was this: “If the only way to experience love in your church is to be married, then your church really stinks.”’

From the archive: An affirmation of belief for those we are going to baptise

‘The reason we involve our church in the process of welcoming and affirming new members is that it acts as greater assurance for the person in question. You might kid yourself into thinking you’re a believer, you might even manage to convince a few mates who desperately want it to be true, but it is trickier to kid 50 people into individually affirming your profession of faith.’