Snippets from the interweb (29th August 2021)

9 things you should know about the Taliban

Joe Carter does his usual thing. I recall going to a mosque and, with a wry smile from our hosts, being told that we are all Taliban (see point 1 here). Point 4 is also clear that the US withdrawal was initiated by Trump’s deal struck with the Taliban and then followed through by Biden. Both bear responsibility for the aftermath.

Is the church I’m going to a cult?

If you’re worried, here are some questions to ask.

Show, don’t just tell

‘It’s a key principle of educational philosophy: Show, don’t just tell. Communicating ideas is a good thing. But it’s even better if you can show your work, present persuasive argumentation, explain it clearly, and illustrate it vividly. The show-don’t-just-tell principle has many applications for teachers and leaders of all stripes.’

Navigating cross-cultural relationships

We have a lot of this sort of thing in our own church. This post looks at how you can navigate cross-cultural relationships.

We agree, right?

‘I’ve noticed a curious trend lately: in conversations with acquaintances or strangers I realize my conversation partner presumes I believe the same way they do on a given topic. Sometimes subtle, sometimes overt, whether the topic is politics, pandemic, or Pandora stations—it just keeps happening.’

Want to be an elder? Start eldering now

‘Every elder is an elder before he is an elder. Every legitimate elder shows himself qualified in character and competence before being appointed to the office.’

From the archive: malign millennials if you want, but at least they’re willing to countenance coming to hard places

‘When Baby-boomers are turning up in droves to deprived communities, and no millennials are following suit, come and whinge about them to me then. Unless and until that is the case, can we perhaps give Christian millennials a break?’