Snippets from the interweb (20th June 2021)

The most effective technology on the planet to block pornography

This is an exciting new thing. Most filters are a bit rubbish. This sounds vastly better. If what you see online is a concern to you, this is worth checking out.

Use the delay to re-opening wisely

‘This stage was significant for churches because it potentially marked an end to social distancing, face masks and singing bans. So it will be disappointing to have to wait longer. Yet, just as it seems that this delay is what the country needs if the Government uses it wisely to get better data, to check assumptions and to vaccinate more people, so, it may be just what many of our churches needed, if we too use the time wisely.’

Are you unintentionally joining the parade?

This one has application well beyond its immediate subject. It is true of anything in which we happily play down the Word of God either for cultural or relational reasons.

Did Trump destroy evangelical Christianity?

David Robertson republishes Greg Sheridan in full to answer this one. You might not agree with everything in it, but I think the central point being made is about right.

We’re called to make disciples, not merely converts

This is bang on from RC Sproul: ‘The Great Commission is the call of Christ for His disciples to extend His authority over the whole world. We are to share the gospel with everyone so that more and more people might call Him Master. This calling is not simply a call to evangelism. It isn’t merely a call to get students for our seminaries, our colleges, or for Ligonier Ministries. Rather, Christ calls us to make disciples. Disciples are people who have committed in their hearts and minds to follow the thinking and conduct of the Master forever. Such discipleship is a lifelong experience.’

The good commission

On a similar note, but looking at it from an entirely different perspective, this one considers the good commission which we too often ignore and neglect.

From the archive: Four reasons to bring people into membership quickly

‘There are two basic schools of thought on this issue. One insists that we must wait a good chunk of time before we see some fruit of repentance. It looks to assess how one is walking over a period of time before they will baptise and admit you to membership. The other says that we should simply baptise and welcome into membership on the basis of a credible profession. So, such that somebody claims to trust in Christ and can give a story that is capable of being believed, we admit them to membership. I want to give four reasons why I believe the second of these two options is preferable.’