Snippets from the interweb (14th February 2021)

It ain’t what you preach it’s the way that you preach it

Paul Levy reminds us that people will remember what we get excited about and says, ‘If our primary excitement isn’t for the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel, that will transfer to the people God has entrusted to our care.’

Why bother with church membership?

It’s a question that frequently gets asked and you could do worse than listen to this answer from Mez McConnell.

Gifts for visiting preachers

I am sad to say I suspect our own church has fallen foul of some of this and we should do better. Not usually a lack of generosity, so much as a lack of organisation that leads to some of these things. But this is a good reminder that we can and should do better.

When (and how) to avoid contentious people

Is there ever a time to avoid contentious people in the church? Dan Doriani says – along with Paul – that there is.

Four reasons I binned all my quotes for preaching

Absolutely agree with this. Quotes are almost always boring and stale. Just use your own words and illustrations.

How can I encourage my pastor?

I don’t know a pastor who wouldn’t affirm 2 and 5. Other things are great, but if you can manage 2 and 5, we’ll all get along just great.

From the archive: Depression as manipulation

‘I suffer from depression and have made serious attempts on my life. The idea that this now indemnifies me from all criticism just in case you make me try it again is nothing short of emotional blackmail. Don’t disagree otherwise I might kill myself and it’ll be definitely your fault! It is an absolutely appalling argument to make.’