Snippets from the interweb (13th December 2020)

The trouble with woke Etonians

Hard to disagree with David Goodhart’s analysis in this one: ‘It is obviously a welcome development that young men and women, many of whom will graduate to important jobs in our society, have egalitarian instincts and are aware of their privileges. But what about the most important privilege of all: their parents’ wealth? It is rather morally convenient for them to believe passionately in every kind of equality except economic equality.’

Is it OK for a charity to discriminate against Christians?

David Robertson looks at the case surrounding Stirling Free Church: ‘This is a case of religious discrimination – refusing to provide a service for someone based on their religion. Can you imagine if the Chair had said “definitely not the Muslims, anyone but the Muslims, they don’t believe in same-sex marriage”? Her feet would not have touched the ground as she was shown the door! Outrage from politicians on social media would have been followed by an abject apology from the organisation, and a Scottish government inquiry into Islamaphobia. But the Free Church? Who cares? It’s ok to discriminate against them and other churches that teach the Bible. Such discrimination is now acceptable in our democratic society.’

Why Hollywood praises Elliot Page (but blacklists me)

‘All of us experience “dysphoria” between who we are and who God created us to be. The answer to resolving this dysphoria cannot be found by looking within yourself or to others for approval; it can only be found by uniting yourself to Christ. I’ve discovered this freeing truth in my own life.’

Did the New Atheists rationally lack belief?

The latest edition of Themelios is out. I particularly enjoyed this article, by Michael Berhow, on the self-defeating irrationality of the Definition Argument for Atheism.

Advent & Christmas videos for 2020

Robin Ham rounds up some of the 2020 crop of videos.

How God answered prayers in Leatherhead

This is just a great story of how God has been at work, in unexpected ways, during the pandemic.

From the archive: why do we struggle to create meaningful planting networks?

‘I have been asked why we struggle to see meaningful planting networks established in certain places. In my view, there are several factors at play. Here are some thoughts from my own area.’