Snippets from the interweb (6th December 2020)

Can we choose to disregard unreasonable laws?

Dave Williams offers a credible case for why we cannot choose to disregard reasonable laws. 

Listen to various voices

Alistair Chalmers encourages us to get out of our echo chambers and engage with a range of opinions.

The dangerous logic of anti-racism

There is an increasingly popular definition of anti-racism that may blind us to various manifestations of racism itself and struggles to make sense of inconvenient truths (for this definition) of ethnic minorities doing quite well for themselves. 

3 blessings of seeing our sin

This may not sound good, but it is good.

Ellen turns a new page

Stephen McAlpine discusses a recent news story: ‘Elliot Page has presented to the world, and Ellen Page is no more. And history must reflect this new reality. In the same way that statues to the past – a brutal past – were torn down this year, ready for history to be rewritten, the likes of Wikipedia were pronto onto the news.’

I fear God, and I’m afraid of God

This is a searingly honest one from Tim Challies.

From the archive: To improve working class representation we must reach the working classes

‘We cannot separate the unwillingness of middle class believers to go to hard places from the lack of representation of people from hard places. If we want to see people raised up to positions of influence, we first have to reach them with the gospel. To reach them with the gospel, somebody has to take the gospel to them. We then have to take a step back and permit those we reach to take up leadership positions within our churches and, then, in our local and national organisations.’