Snippets from the interweb (2nd August 2020)

A tale of two buildings – The Hagia Sophia and the Free Church manse

David Robertson: ‘I have no problem with there being different religions within a pluralistic and tolerant society. But what if that religion itself is opposed to pluralism and tolerance… Is it even wrong to ask that question?’

What is healthy Christian diversity?

The Bible is clearly concerned with diversity and expects it to be reflected in our churches. David Baker looks at what healthy diversity might mean.

Why did Jesus command others to be silent about him?

If you’ve ever wondered about this question, here is an answer.

The attractional church problem is nothing new, and neither is the solution

‘There is nothing new under the sun’ says Ecclesiastes. So there is nothing new about the attractional approach to church and its associated issues.

5 reasons the trinity matters so much

We do sometimes wonder if the trinity even works as a doctrine. Here are five reasons why it really matters.

Don’t look for community in the church. Be the community

‘Relationships are deeper and richer when our ultimate confidence is in Christ and not one another. When you live as if other people can meet all your needs, you will be regularly disappointed. You’re asking them to do something no person can ever do—give you the happiness you so desperately want. But when Christ is your confidence, someone is freed to be your friend, not the god you rely on to meet all your needs.’

From the archive: Don’t just argue by reference to historic confessions

‘I have noticed a tendency to effectively answer the question ‘what does scripture say?’ with an answer that effectively explains what the Westminster Confession of Faith or Second London Baptist Confession happens to say. Those things may be helpful, even clarifying, but it does bear saying they are not scripture. No matter how right we think they are – and they often are right – they aren’t the Bible. I don’t think I’m saying anything particularly radical when I say we ought to explain what scripture says with scripture. If somebody asks, ‘what does the Bible say about this?’ it does seem right to answer with reference to what the Bible actually says.’