12 ways to look godly while not growing in your faith

Carl Laferton published two lists of ways to look godly whilst not growing in your faith. He offered six items for 2013 and six for 2014. They are as follows:

  1. Regularly go away for the weekend and go to a different church
  2. Be too busy doing ministry to pray or read your bible
  3. Think hard about how sermons apply to others
  4. Talk to work colleagues and friends about church, but never about Christ
  5. Use family as an excuse for not committing to ministry; use ministry as an excuse for not serving your family
  6. Buy Christian books and put them straight on your bookshelf
  7. Multitask your quiet time
  8. Ask for prayer without praying yourself
  9. Talk about application without actually doing it
  10. Only do ministries that are noticeable or enjoyable
  11. Refuse to accept encouragement
  12. Rearrange the Christian books on your bookshelf
Both lists can be found here and here. It is worth looking at how these things are justified as making us appear godly whilst stunting our growth altogether.


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