Coalition for Marriage and the end of the English language (supposedly)

Andy Evans has written an insightful piece regarding the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) claim that government provision for same sex marriage will lead to the dismantling of the English language as we know it. You can view the C4M video here.

I won’t expand on Andy’s comment too much as he has been much more erudite than me. I will limit myself to the following comments:

  • Andy is right to agree this is something of a mangling of language but is absolutely correct this has always been the nature of language itself. So, in reality, this doesn’t represent anything of a new departure.
  • It is true that people can call whatever they like, whatever they like. As highlighted by this video, we often use such arguments in apologetics. We can rob any word of all its meaning and invest it of any characteristics we will. Ultimately, however, the characteristics of a thing are what define the thing itself, not the word we ascribe to it. We have no problem whatsoever making this connection in respect to defending the existence of God (we can call him a computer if we will), so why should this issue be any different?
  • Whilst I am sure C4M have some good points they could make, I’m afraid this simply is not one of them. As Andy rightly notes, this is misleading and manipulative. In truth, such misinformation hardly helps the cause of those who support C4M. Christian people should be characterised by truth and light; this latest video can hardly be said to be that.