Ordo Salutis

I was recently alerted to this infographic over at Challies showing the sequence of conceptual steps, according to Reformed Theology, in the process of salvation.

The Order of Salvation

To view this infographic in full size click here.

Helpfully, this infographic boils several theologically complex doctrines down to a few straightforward, plain statements. I like the fact that it gives a clear, step-by-step view of the Reformed Theological understanding of the process of salvation. It also usefully states that ‘the sequence is meant to be logical instead of chronological; some steps occur sequentially while others occur instantaneously’. I certainly found it a useful visual tool.


  1. You're aware that Romans 8:30 suggests justification and glorification are spoken of in the past tense? Some very sound men, including the chief amongst Baptist theologians, John Gill, believed in justification from eternity. Many of the same people believe that sanctification is about being set apart, rather than 'made better'.

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