You can’t reject textual observations because you don’t like the quarters from which they emanate

The other day I wrote about a simple, but important, little question that is vital for our bible studies and sermons. That question was, where

If we don’t stand on God’s Word, what have we got of any value?

In conversations between believers, at some point you are likely to hear about the need to be faithful. By faithfulness, what is normally meant is

Four things focusing on Sunday sermons in midweek groups achieves

One of our practices as a church is to revisit the teaching we have heard on Sunday in order to dig into it more midweek.

The only way to agree with plural elders from different backgrounds

One of the realities of serving on a plural eldership is that we don’t always agree. One of the realities of serving on our particular

Win them with the Word

The old, oft trotted adage is certainly true: what you win them with you win them to. We have to be clear what we are

Why your service announcements matter (at least a bit)

I was once talking with someone in church who insisted the best way to bury anything is to make sure it is mentioned in the

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