It’s about what’s in the text

There are lots of ways you might run a Bible study. You could do something thematic, trying to draw together the Bible’s teaching on a

How we use midweek community groups

Most churches these days have some sort of home group. There are all sorts of ways these can be pointed. In our church, we use

Theology breakfast: plan and purpose

As many regular readers will know, last year we launched our Theology Breakfasts. The setup is simple enough. On Sunday morning, before the church service,

Four essentials of being a church

What is the very essence of a church? If you had to distil it down to its core essentials, what is the church? What does

If it’s not in the Bible, you really don’t have to do it

It’s Friday, you’re probably tired, so let me liberate you a little. There are plenty of things that Jesus asks you to do, many things

Your preaching is primarily for believers

In certain circles, seeking to get unbelievers into church is seen as the highest possible goal. There is nothing better, according to some, when unbelievers

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