You don’t have to listen to me!

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the voices that we are called to listen to in ministry. I think the four groups of people

You’ve got to apply to the people in front of you

I have said, many times, that the heart of many a boring sermon lies in an inability to make what we are reading applicable to

How does God get anyone to wherever he wants them doing what he wants them to do?

I was talking with somebody recently about how God achieves his purposes in the world. As often happens in these discussions, a lot of emphasis

On a wing and a prayer

Last night, we had our monthly dialogue event. As has become customary, our Muslim friends left it right to the wire to even think about

Sometimes it is just single sentences

I have an American friend who (rightly) likes to tell me that people often say “books change lives” whereas it’s closer to the truth that

The essentials of a competent sermon

I was chatting with somebody recently about what makes a good sermon. I have had similar conversations over the years with different people. To some

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