Dawkins rejects scientism whilst affirming it, which is as self-defeating as the position itself

There’s nothing quite like somebody managing to contradict themselves in the space of a few seconds. Here is Richard Dawkins doing just that – see

Richard Dawkins lets the cat out of the bag: evidence & morality are irrelevant

You may have, by now, come across this video of Richard Dawkins being interviewed about his views on Downs Syndrome children. The long and short

Why Richard Dawkins shouldn’t be cancelled

Spiked have reported that outspoken atheist, Richard Dawkins, has been cancelled from a booking at the Trinity College Dublin College Historical Society. They have particularly

Dawkins meets some simple Christians

In light of Richard Dawkins’ new book getting rave reviews among all the Christians who seem to be commentating – they certainly are raving –

The problem with “no platforming” Richard Dawkins

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that, to paraphrase Belle & Sebastian, me and Dr Dawkins don’t see eye to eye

Should the Church of England pray for Richard Dawkins?

Richard Dawkins pulled out of a speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand last week after suffering a minor stroke. In response, the Church of