The problem of Britons First policy-making

Yesterday, The Times (paywall) reported that the government are drawing up plans to make Britons a priority on council housing lists. They report that ‘The

If the government are making up statistics about asylum seekers, what are we to conclude about the basis of their “solutions”?

In some of the least surprising news of last week, The Guardian report that the Home Office have been effectively making up statistics concerning small

Lexiteers & their hopes for refugees are – despite remainer mockery – being justified

As I previously argued here, I was in favour of leaving the European Union. I was also very clear there, but as I summed up

Government plan to offshore asylum seekers to Rwanda already failing and likely to backfire further

Yesterday, The Times reported that the government’s plan to start sending asylum seekers to Rwanda was months away from implementation. Two things are worth noting

What should I do if asylum seekers turn up at my church?

I often get approached by people when some asylum seekers turn up at their church. Particularly if they’re from Iran or Afghanistan. What do we

Are churches really that gullible when it comes to assessing belief in asylum seekers?

It seems The Times have been going hard after the Church of England over the weekend. There was first this piece from Matthew Parris, insisting

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