How antagonistic is our culture to Christianity?

The problem of personal, private faith and morality

If you are following the news surrounding Kate Forbes’ tilt at the SNP leadership, you will have come across a fairly common argument about faith

The National Secular Society have more faith in evangelism than we do

I was scrolling through twitter (as you do) and landed upon this from the National Secular Society: Interested in what they perceived as ‘missionary work’

That stuff about Original Sin speaks to where we’re at as a society

So, a few days ago, one of the weirder things trending on Twitter was #OriginalSin. It’s not your usual Twitter fare. And when you clicked

Christians and Socialism: a response to Owen Strachan

I was sent Owen Strachan’s latest City of God podcast on public theology. The topic concerned Socialism. Given my stated position on that, it was

gods in the public square

Jonathan Leeman, in Political Church, lays out his stall in the opening preface. This is is part of his excellent opening: We often rest the case