Finally, a fashionable case of free speech we can get behind which speaks into our problem

Yesterday, I wrote about the case of Hatun Tash and her wrongful arrest by the Metropolitan Police. The issue in that case was impediments to

Once again, inappropriate timing and (potentially) offensive messages should not be grounds for arrest

The question of free speech and expression never goes away. Those who would supress what we might say continue to find ways and means of

Why we should all – including Brexit voting Christians – support Steve Bray

Without question, Steve Bray is deeply annoying. He is incredibly irritating. And, ironically, for all his claims of democratic rights, he spent quite a lot

If you don’t like it, don’t watch it

I haven’t really watched the BBC programme Killing Eve. I think we tried an episode or two ages ago and just didn’t get on with

Don’t ban The First Temptation of Christ, just don’t watch it

Stephen McAlpine has written a post calling on Christians not to throw their Netflix subscription in the bin just yet. You can read it here.

Anna Soubry inadvertently bolsters those seeking to curtail academic freedom

There have been a couple of stories hitting the headlines regarding free speech of late. First, there was the nonsense surrounding Anna Soubry. There are

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