Why I am (usually) against event evangelism and the times I am not

I don’t think event-based evangelism is wrong or sinful. So, however you read the rest of what follows, know that I am not saying anyone

The weekly elders’ meeting

I was talking with another pastor the other week and we got round to discussing eldership and how we operate respectively. On our eldership, we

Member responsibilities and elders appointed to lead

In the congregational church polity that I believe to biblical, we necessarily think the church as a whole has a say in certain matters. It

The advantages of a sermon buffer

Four reasons I run a sermon buffer

It is fairly well known that I write my sermons well ahead of time. By “well ahead”, the sermon I am going to be working

External bodies are advisory, not authority

If you are an independent, the independency of the local church is something you kind of camp out on. It’s not some side issue. It

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