Don’t despise transfer growth

A lot of us like to take pot shots at transfer growth. At one level, I get it. There is nothing especially exciting about growing

Don’t judge by numbers

Most church leaders accept that judging churches according to their size is a terrible measure of a church’s health. There are at least four things

God welcomes repentant sinners, not defiant ones

All too often, we kid ourselves and others into thinking they are right with God when they are not. The Bible is full of warnings

Interesting features in the Balaam episode (Numbers 22-24)

I am in the process of preparing a sermon on Numbers 22-24 which features the episode about Balaam and his ass *snicker*. Maybe the UK

How can I know I belong to God?

This snippet of audio has been taken from our latest sermon in the book of Numbers. You can listen back to the whole sermon here.

Why bother studying the book of Numbers?

Many people feel the Old Testament is so ancient and culturally removed from us that it hardly bears studying. There may be the occasional story