It’s more awkward to reject the virgin birth

Around this time of year, you will begin to find folks who insist we don’t need to believe in the virgin birth. After all, the

Observations on Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus

Biblical genealogies rarely get people excited. We kind of find our own family tree interesting, but the family background of other people is considerably less

Why Nazareth is good news for Oldham

I – seemingly against the grain – really, genuinely, love Oldham. I love living here, I love the people, I think it is brilliant. I

Advent Creep

Christmas isn’t cancelled and it need not be ruined

One thing to happen on Saturday was my daughter’s birthday. You can read about that in yesterday’s post. Of course, the other big announcement came

Jesus wasn’t born in a stable. What difference does it make?

We’ve all seen the nativity plays. We’ve all seen the nativity scenes. There’s a lovely one out in Oldham town centre. All of them depicting

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