A case for Israel and bad arguments for it

I have been wary of writing anything about the situation in Israel and Palestine. Mainly because I didn’t sense I had anything much of value

Moons, Morality and Control

My family and I got back from holiday last week. We went to a place we go to with some regularity; a little fishing village

Stop calling faithfulness a sacrifice

We need to stop calling obedience and faithfulness to the commands of Christ “sacrifice”. There, I said it. It is not sacrifice to do what

The problem of “I might be wrong”

I was having a conversation with somebody about baptism yesterday on twitter. You can go and read it if you want. This post is not

How antagonistic is our culture to Christianity?

The problem of personal, private faith and morality

If you are following the news surrounding Kate Forbes’ tilt at the SNP leadership, you will have come across a fairly common argument about faith

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