Comfort that a command is not universal suggests we are the very people to whom Jesus would issue the command

I am just in the process of preparing a sermon from Matthew 19. As I was reading RT France’s commentary in the Tyndale New Testament

Facile arguments about benefits create the very culture of dependency those making them claim to hate

A Tory candidate looking to replace Chris Pincher as MP for Tamworth has (I hope) killed off any chance of winning his by-election. The Guardian

EN Article: ‘Cakegate’, C-list Celebs & cheeky Christians

I have resumed a periodic column with Evangelicals Now. The current edition carries the most recent article. I reproduce it unedited and in full here.

Talk of tithing misses the point

Being English, I don’t like talking about money very much. I find it deeply embarrassing. Being an English pastor, I like talking about money even

Should we only fund churches in deprived communities?

Like the railways, some churches will need subsidising in perpetuity

Yesterday, The Times (paywall) reported that the railways might well need to be subsidised “in perpetuity”. Richard Hughes, chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility,

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