When Paul Simon met John Stott (and what we can learn from it today)

I recently came across the following account of when the singer, Paul Simon, met the one-time leader of Anglican evangelicalism, John Stott. Here is what

What to do if you preach a bad sermon?

As I have come off Facebook and Twitter, I have re-opened comments on the blog. You are welcome to post your comments below. Every preacher

Time, meetings and working out whether to meetup

Most pastors I meet are busy people. There are so many calls upon our time. There are the sermons to prep, Bible studies to write

Your enjoyment is related to your investment

We’re in the process of trying to get our car changed at the minute. I know some people absolutely love this stuff but, to be

Why you don’t have to turn the TV off when the pastor visits

Yesterday, Jeremy Walker made the following comment on twitter: Now, I have heard these comments many times before. I remember one pastor – when I

Don’t get bored with the routine

We sometimes crave innovation. And it does seem these days there is always more to do. Hardly a day passes when some blog, article, book,

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