As conference season is upon us, don’t forget your church

Conferences can be a real blessing. It can be great, if you are a regular preacher, to get away and hear somebody else preaching and

Do you miss your church?

I usually accept invites to preach out quite far in advance. My church tends to run a rota in 3-monthly burst and I usually write

Church Relationships & Drawing Lines

Four ways to help your children love the church more

A common cry of anguish in churches is about keeping children and youth in the church. Why don’t they want to stay? Why have they

The fruit of giving out a few books

I have mentioned before that we have started doing free book giveaways before our morning sermon. We have a three-pronged approach to give people good

What is church fundamentally about?

What is the purpose of the church? If Jesus is to be believed, according to the Great Commission, it is to be a group of

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