Analysing everything to death and sucking the joy out of life

Christians are pretty expert at sucking the joy out of everything. You name it, we can find problems with it. Even if we can’t nail

How our gnosticism sucks the joy out of everything

God loves to surprise his children

Any parent will tell you, there is something fantastic about surprising your kids. Whether it is birthdays and Christmas, holidays or just a random treat,

Can we try to be less miserable for a bit? Even the way we frame our questions exudes misery

Christians – some specific brands of Christian at that – have something of a reputation for being miserable. And nothing provides quite as much opportunity

Celebrating birthdays and what it says when we just don’t bother

It was my daughter’s birthday on Saturday. She had a great day, thanks for asking! Despite lockdown, we did our own little party games together

The proper response to God’s gifts is to enjoy them

Yesterday in church we were continuing our series in 1 Kings. This week we had reached chapter 10 and the arrival of the Queen of

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