Interview on Free Church of Scotland Healthy Church Podcast

I was recently interviewed by David Meredith for the Healthy Church Podcast. David is the Missions Director for the Free Church of Scotland. We discussed

Four questions to ask potential workers

As we’re in a new year and you might be thinking about fresh starts and new opportunities, let me put in my annual plea for

A few thoughts on that Liam Neeson interview

If you haven’t come across it, you can read the interview in the Independent here. If you can’t be bothered to read all that, you

Trans World Radio interview: Multiculturalism in the UK

Apologies about the later than usual posting. I was waiting for the TWR interview to go live. This week, the Guardian reported that 4 in

Blogging in the name of the Lord – interview with the Exiled Preacher

I was asked to do an interview with Guy Davies – aka the Exiled Preacher – back in January as part of his ‘Blogging in

David Owen on Radio 4: Brexit, Corbyn and Trump

This was an absolutely fascinating interview with David Owen. My favourite quote about Jeremy Corbyn: ‘you can’t be a Trot and an allotment holder’. What