You’ve got to have a local team

I had a friend who was from a Northern town who supported his local boyhood football club. I, however, knew him when he lived down

What happens when we welcome new members into the church?

Yesterday, we had the joy of one baptism and welcoming two Iranian men into church membership. You can see two videos of what happened below

How do we encourage our children to see the church as valuable?

We had an interesting, if perhaps emotionally loaded, discussion at our home group this evening. We have spent the last few months looking at our

Is church membership exclusive?

It’s a question that gets thrown up from time to time, often less in the form of a question and more as an indignant statement:

What to do when people are disappointing and the church lets you down

People are so disappointing, aren’t they? One doesn’t have to be around church very long to discover that people let you down. The reason there are no

What should we expect of our church members?

I have been thinking a lot about membership lately. The below is taken from a section of a draft membership document we are working on.

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