Political and Apolitical Church

I don’t think it is any secret to anybody what my particular political views are. Whilst I don’t go out my way to trumpet them

We can always be friendly

Small churches often wonder what they can offer. What can we do when we are so small? There are a bunch of things small churches

Why food is important in multicultural contexts

I have written before about the importance and value of food when it comes to fellowship and discipleship. You can read what I have said

The strange and wonderful links the church make

The church is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t always seem that way, but it honestly is. Perhaps most amazingly is the network of believers that

Being in the business of hanging out with our mates

I have written before about my view of mentoring. If you can’t be bothered to read that, my view is that I don’t think a

The difference between friendship & fellowship

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