When do you shake the dust off your feet?

In Mark 6, Jesus speaks about shaking the dust off the Apostles’ feet. In Matthew 7, he speaks about not throwing your pearls before swine.

God’s pleasure is not reserved for a particularly faithful few

“Well done, good and faithful servant” Many of us love to cite this when somebody dies. Particularly when a seemingly godly saint or a church

A matter of ordinary faithfulness

Two days ago, I wrote that we should stop calling faithfulness sacrifice. You can read that post here. There have been a couple of bits

Stop calling faithfulness a sacrifice

We need to stop calling obedience and faithfulness to the commands of Christ “sacrifice”. There, I said it. It is not sacrifice to do what

The evening service? A reply to John Benton

John Benton has written an interesting post on the London Seminary blog. You can read it here. in it, he offers 10 reasons why he

How should nonconformists relate to those in unfaithful denominations?

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