Why you should recycle your sermons

I was preaching at a church recently and had been given the passage I was to speak on. Happily, I had preached on this book,

How to read the Bible

Lots of books have been written to help us understand scripture and read the Bible helpfully. Few, I think, are as straightforward as Matthew Harmon’s

Exegete the passage in front of you, don’t flatten it by exegeting other things

I have written in recent weeks about the need for careful Bible reading. First, I talked about a basic question of biblical exegesis: where do

Asking where you get that from the text is not biblicism

You may have been in a discussion about the bible with someone, only to find out that you are a biblicist. At least, that’s what

Where do you get that from the text?

It’s a simple little question, isn’t it? Where do you get that from the text? Simple, but effective. Not only effective, but really quite important.

The essentials of a competent sermon

I was chatting with somebody recently about what makes a good sermon. I have had similar conversations over the years with different people. To some

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