The real question is, is it biblical (or, do they genuine believe it is)?

You don’t have to look very far to find people who feel the church is making them uncomfortable in ways they definitely think it shouldn’t.

Complementarianism does not demand total agreement & still lets you read what you want

The stuff of a particularly wild, very un-British, form of American complementarianism (that isn’t where all American complementarians are at by any stretch) continues to

Logic, culture and what is “logical” anyway?

Many people like to think of themselves as logical thinkers. My Myers-Briggs personality test is almost always INTJ, which means I am (or at least

Church conflict can help everyone grow

I was recently asked what helped me to grow as a Christian. Of course, there are the usual things to mention like reading the Bible,

Liking people & good disagreement

As various strikes break out across the public sector – and seem to show no signs of abating any time soon – an interesting, but

Pope Benedict XVI, Evangelicals & Gospel Unity

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