You don’t have to listen to me!

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about the voices that we are called to listen to in ministry. I think the four groups of people

Muslim-Christian Dialogue: The authority of scripture

We held our monthly Muslim-Christian Dialogue event yesterday. This month, we spoke about the authority of the scriptures. As ever, there is much more we

What should we do with non-attending members?

It is always said when people join your church and then, after some time, simply drift away. I wish the parable of the sower weren’t

We can always pray

Prayer can often feel like the last best thing we might do as Christians. We’ve exhausted all other avenues, we’ve done everything we can. I

Navigating Society & Politics

Stop handwringing about new tech

There’s still a lot of talk floating around ChatGPT in Christian circles. How dangerous is it? (A Christian classic). Will it destroy the world? (A

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