An addendum on the Tim Farron ‘gay sin’ witchhunt

Yesterday, I commented on the ongoing campaign of Channel 4 News to implicate Tim Farron as a homophobe. I noted the standard Evangelical view on

The issues of sin and legislation are not the same: Channel 4 revive their witchhunt of Tim Farron

Ah, Channel 4 news. Their claims to impartiality are always tested when any time Tim Farron’s name is mentioned they insist on asking about his

For goodness sake, can we just stop banning everything!

*sigh* Another day, another stupid ban passed by small-minded people. I would love to dress it up but there really is no other way to

Response to Kelvin Mackenzie’s odious comments on Fatima Manji display the hypocrisy and inconsistency of the mainstream media

There has been something of an outcry regarding Fatima Manji reporting the recent attacks in Nice on Channel 4 News in a hijab. I say

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