Why it is best for Christians to celebrate Christmas

I know for a lot of folks, this is something of a non-issue. But coming from the weird and wonderful world of Strict & Particular

What was God doing before Jesus came? (guest post)

My son (4) asked if he could help me do a blog post. I asked him what he thought we should write about. This is

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

What is all the hoopla about Christmas anyway? Why make such a fuss? Is it really all that significant? Here is how the Bible puts

Let me gently suggest a better way than Advent-cum-Mawlid

Mawlid is the festival celebrating the birth of Mohammad. As the Archbishop Cranmer blog noted: The only thing it has in common with Christmas is

Why is the virgin birth important?

We held our monthly Muslim-Christian dialogue last night. It just so happens, in the run up to Christmas, our Muslim friends are also tonight celebrating

The birth of Jesus points to the real reason for the season

It has become a platitudinous seasonal greeting of our day, I know, but I really do wish you a merry Christmas. Seriously, I mean it.

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