I don’t want to tell stories; I want to tell truths

I’ve never been much of one for ‘playing the game’. I don’t particularly want to ‘tell stories’ or ‘paint pictures’. I don’t like politicking and

A segregated town that needs the unity of the gospel

There was an interesting piece carried in Sunday’s Observer regarding Oldham. The piece was headlined: ‘We must not live segregated lives’, said May. But in divided Oldham,

Five reasons to partner with Oldham Bethel Church

Oldham Bethel Church is a small church in the Glodwick area of Oldham. Over the years, the Lord has blessed us greatly. He has given

Article for FIEC – 04/05/2017

The following article was written for the FIEC website specifically in relation to the work we are doing amongst Muslims in Oldham: ‘A No-Go Area?’

Why should you consider a move to Oldham?

You have no doubt heard that Oldham is the most deprived town in England, beating Salford, Middlesborough, Walsall and Liverpool to win the dubious honour.

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