My favourite Christmas advert

As we are fast approaching December, many of us will be thinking about Christmas programmes and services. With that in mind, I thought I would

The birth of Jesus points to the real reason for the season

It has become a platitudinous seasonal greeting of our day, I know, but I really do wish you a merry Christmas. Seriously, I mean it.

Why Giles Fraser is wrong about the virgin birth

Giles Fraser recently argued against the reality of the virgin birth. Here is why I believe his case falters.

If Jesus makes God known, his view of how we know God is the only one of any significance

If Jesus Christ is the one who makes the Father known, his view of how we know the Father is the only one of any significance.

A Christmas detail I’ve long overlooked

I have sat through dozens of carol concerts, Christmas services and festive homilies in my lifetime. I know the story of Jesus’ birth, and the

The obligatory Christmas post

I know a number of Christian people who choose not to celebrate Christmas for a variety of reasons. Some eschew the potential pagan roots of

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