Polly Toynbee and what’s bad for politics

Polly Toynbee, Guardian columnist and outgoing president of the British Humanist Association (BHA), writes in today’s Guardian that ‘Atheists are better for politics than believers’. Whilst I would

Some brief questions on the ordination of women bishops within the Anglican Communion

Several things have confused me about the recent Anglican vote on the ordination of women bishops. They are as follows: Why do so many, unconnected

The gap between reality and Nick Griffin’s imagination

It should come as no surprise to anyone of any sense that Nick Griffin is a hulking buffoon of the highest order. In his latest attempt to

Are you really busy?

I have been remiss and failed to update this blog for some time. That I don’t simply write things for writing’s sake perhaps makes me

Battling Depression

I have made no secret of my depressive illness (see ‘An Experience of Depression‘). My illness was well known, and palpably obvious, in the church

Authorship of Hebrews

Over at the ‘who’s that preacher?‘ blog, Gary Benfold has written a post on the authorship of Hebrews. He outlines his reasons for holding to

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