For all the talk of momentous steps forward…

For all the talk of historic encounters and momentous steps forward: The reality of the situation continues unabated:

Forgiving the Unrepentant

I have spent the last few days grappling with Mt 18:15-20. The first half of this passage details how we ought to deal with a

Church/Family Balance

The Gospel Coalition blog have posted an excellent article titled ‘3 reflections on leading your family well’. Let me strongly urge you to read it.We often

Why I struggle with the government work programme

Today’s Guardian reports that coachloads of jobseekers were brought to London to work as unpaid stewards for the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations. The participants were told

Equating theological knowledge and ministry success with spiritual maturity

A fantastic post on The Gospel Coalition Blog by Paul Tripp warning about the danger of equating theological knowledge and ministry success with spiritual maturity.I will

Michael Gove and the King James Bible

The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has vowed to spend £370,000 sending a King James Bible to every state school in the country. According to the

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