Training opportunities with Oldham Bethel Church

If you are looking into theological training and a focus on urban ministry, you can now join Oldham Bethel Church and join us on either

The problem of subjective righteousness

I am watching a programme about the Northern Irish funeral murders. My two particular specialist areas of academic interest are Northern Irish Loyalism and Evangelicalism

Consider Oldham for a holiday?

I have a good friend who once told me they were some of the only people in the world who took their family holidays in

Snippets from the interweb (25th March 2018)

Let’s stop over-interpreting the Greek words for love This is not a new insight but it is one that bears repeating because people keep regurgitating

Book review: Knowing our times

You know that feeling when you’ve said some stuff – all of it certainly true and legitimate – but somebody asks you to present that

Pray for what you’ve been promised

I am in the throes of planning and preparing our next church series in Acts. It looks like we’ll be starting sometime in May so,

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