When logical actions are culturally defined and appear absurdly illogical

I was recently given a copy of The Briefing which contained an article on the Islamic protests against a film, made in the USA, which depicted

Why should we bother with prayer?

If prayer is merely ‘talking to God’, what are we hoping to communicate to Him that he doesn’t already know? If God has a pre-ordained

Must I have a heart for particular people before I can reach them?

It is a common enough objection to engaging in evangelistic outreach, ‘I don’t really have a heart for that’ or ‘that’s not where my heart

Giles Fraser hates Jesus

Not content with attacking “Evangelical Cheesus“, and despising John for being “antisemitic“, Giles Fraser has now decided he just hates Jesus. Full stop. To quote

Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in Europe

Here is an interesting article in today’s Guardian, especially for those of us resident in Manchester.¬†Apparently, Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in Europe

Will churches ever escape the use of jargon?

I wonder at what point we decided it was helpful to incorporate our own, made up, Christian jargon into church? Do we not have enough

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