Snippets from the interweb (12th March 2023)

7 ways to mishandle bible stories

‘The Bible is full of stories. And we preachers are full of ways to mishandle them. God has richly blessed us with the stories in the Bible. Each one reveals God’s heart and character. Each story is designed to point our hearts to Him and to stir our faith in His word and character. So, how can we go wrong?’

The trauma of criticism

Worth listening to this one. Criticism is inevitable, it is almost always difficult to hear, but we can respond rightly to it or in an ungodly way.

God cares for the odd sparrow

‘Sometimes I can read the Bible and miss something totally obvious. For example, have you ever noticed that Jesus tells of God’s care of the sparrows two different ways?’

How would you feel if your pastor went on strike?

I am blessed to be in a church that does think and care about these things. But I know many pastors who are not. Do we really consider our leaders worthy of double honour in these things?

William Tyndale: The Father of Modern English

Here is a nice short one about Tyndale’s influence on the English language thanks to his Bible translation.

So, you want to be a pastor?

‘My aim in this article is not to scare young men away from ministry, but to give them a clearer vision of what a life of shepherding looks like and to challenge them to count the cost before entering it (Luke 14:28-29). The ministry of the pastor is a ministry of sacrifice, most of which is unforeseen. Here is my appeal to the aspiring pastor: brother, count the cost.’

From the archive: Find the point of entry

‘We will all have besetting sin this side of glory. None of us will free ourselves from sin influence in this life. As such, we must find the points of entry and take preventative measures before we find ourselves infested.’